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Initially started by Terry, Our Founder from within Sunbeam Product Studio, now a stand alone company ran together with three others to disrupt christain podcast streaming.


Zekast was created as a Christian audio platform that provides users with personalised and engaging audio messages to assist believers in building their faith by listening to their favourite preachers and singers. Zekast was designed to deliver the gospel according to each user's playlist.

The aim was to build a website and mobile app that reflected the values and services Zekast offered, as well as showing off the numerous features of the product.


It was determined after a long brainstorming session that the website must radiate brilliance through simplicity. Each module, every interface, and every font had to radiate a sense of simplicity that would leave a lasting impression.


We needed to stay true to their core principle, by making Sunbeam akin to Simple ideas that were memorable. This meant it should be a simple site that caught the eye and attracted visitors. The goal was to increase usability through aligned interfaces and keep the design consistent throughout the site.

Following the research process and a deep understanding of Irorun, the Sunbeam team used a thorough design process that involved:

  • We started with journey maps which is a detailed visualization that shows how a user-based persona is feeling throughout the process of using the training program.
  • We then created task flows to imply visualize the motivations”.
  • We defined, understood and built a simple and adaptable Information Architecture.

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