Sunbeam Rebrand

Bringing new life to an iconic brand

2022 | Brand identity , Website, Headless CMS

Sunbeam Product Studio

A full-service product and creative studio committed to creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces.


It's never easy to design and develop a website from the ground up for a company. Still, for Sunbeam, we had the challenging task of taking them from a one-page consultation page to a website that highlighted the company's many facets and established a strong online presence as leaders in the industry.

Starting from scratch! The sequence of events

We started this project with a logo design and subsequently designed wireframes. Sunbeam branded itself with “genius and creative solutions that were simple,” making it a necessity for every module and interface to exude an aura of simplicity that would leave a lasting impression.

A contemporary implementation strategy

Bold typography and vibrant colours were used to infuse the design with energy and direct the design's emotional trajectory.

A level of delight was added to the user's experience thanks to fluid animations and clean transitions, which improve communication.

The use of minimal, carefully optimised visuals was implemented to increase usability and visual hierachy. Instead of distracting users from completing their tasks, we used visuals to blend in with their experience.

This website allows users to fully utilize the company's services and is split into four main sections that provide comprehensive information about Sunbeam and its services.

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