Structured Energy Systems

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2020 | Copywriting , Website, Headless CMS


Structured Energy Systems (SES): A platform for infrastructure and digital solutions


SES offers a variety of services, including backup power, self-service kiosks, enterprise multi-channel fraud management, and compliance. Our task was to redesign their website, giving it a fresh look and more user-friendly navigation and content management.

Undergoing a redesign! The process

The process started with a thorough understanding of the goals and personality of the company. As we collaborated with their team to create a new logo, we also introduced more vibrant colours and updated the brand's outlook and guidelines.

The redesign that went live

We redesigned the website around its new identity, adding a more austere navigation system and content architecture using the latest technologies and a customised but scalable Headless CMS. We went a step further by using expert photography to enhance the company's image.

New features include simple maintenance scheduling, straightforward but thorough solution pages, and dedicated spokespeople for each solution.

The project came to a successful conclusion with a seamless handoff to their team and fantastic feedback.

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