SquareMe (Formally Moniee)

A wallet for the future

2022 | Brand Refresh, Mobile, Website, CMS


Moniee: An easier way to transfer funds


Moniee is a platform designed to cater to the financial needs of the next generation of financially savvy consumers. A peer-to-peer mobile payment system that makes it easy to pay for goods and services. Our job was to do a brand refresh, a new mobile app design, and a new microsite.

An ethos-congruent redesign

Prior to beginning the project, we met with the Moniee team to review their current designs, and it became evident during that meeting that the designs were a far cry from the brand's promise and intended use. Consequently, a clever design was needed to complement the brand's mission and make financial decisions enjoyable and stress-free.

Financial management in the 21st century

With a quick update, we aligned the brand with its goals and delivered a fresh identity. One of the original brand's colours was retained, while we introduced the colour blue, which signifies security and life.

We then moved on to designing the mobile app, starting with research, wireframes, and hi-fidelity prototypes.

Following a satisfactory demo and approval, we designed and developed from scratch a new microsite for easy and simple updates, integrating a headless CMS solution.

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