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2022 | Brand Identity, Website, Mobile


Lendsqr: A Lending-as-a-Service solution that powers lenders to build, launch, and scale their digital lending business across multiple channels, at the lowest cost.


Irorun was developed to make it simple for people to access money on their mobile devices as both a loan app and a savings tool. Now that they were attempting to sell their product, they wanted a fresh look and feel.

Our job was to rebrand Irorun and redesign the website and mobile app to reflect its values and benefits as a digital lending platform that provides microloans to qualified users quickly and with little to no documentation.

Attentive rebranding! The discovery

We discovered from our research, as we talked about our options, that the Yoruba word "Irorun" meant "ease." This discovery clarified our path, and convenience became the primary consideration in this rebranding as well, given the abundance of similar apps on the market.

The route to comfort

We created several iterations of the logo before settling on the current logo, which is a concept representing people's smiles and the joy that money brings. The redesign of the mobile app and a new microsite came with improved aesthetics, content strategy, and clearer communication of values.

Along with designing a clean, better, and improved set of brand guidelines, we created a number of brand collaterals, such as sales/pitch decks and app store images.

We also built a website, integrated it with their existing loan SDK, and went live.

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